Philadelphia Miniaturia : Premier Dollhouse Miniature Show
Philadelphia Miniaturia

Workshop 6


Free Range

with Mary L Martin  


Thursday November 2nd 9am - 4:30pm

Create a 1/2" scale Chicken Coop on a Landscaped yard. Overall dimensions are: base- 3.75" x 6.75", height- 5.5". Techniques taught include assembly, landscape painting/gluing/finishing. plant forming and application, kit assembly, finishing, and painting. Includes 6 Chickens, Chicken Coop with egg laying boxes & roostwith pnd/plants/rocks, and 2 baby bunnies.

Student Supplies & Tools Needed: Basic mini supplies, small shard scisors, needle nose pliers, small paint brushes, craft glue, Zap a Gap glue, and tweezers. Other supplies and Chicken Coop are provided.