Philadelphia Miniaturia : Premier Dollhouse Miniature Show
Philadelphia Miniaturia

Workshop 25

Wren Houses

with Hillary Lee


Friday November 3rd 1:30pm - 5pm

Thrill the tiny wrens in your miniature garden with these whimsical dwellings, as you add a touch of charm and a splash of color to your garden or planter scene. (1/2" L, H, D, plus roof overhang) Assemble 3 little wren houses in sections so as to build in the brass hanging hardware. Then decorate them in any style that tickles your fancy. (Lots of design ideas will be on hand for inspiration!) Embellish them with shingled roofing and brass perches. Students will: 1) glue, clamp, bend & fit hardware, sand, and paint their wren houses, 2) construct a simple stand for hanging them to dry after painting, and 3) fashion brass hooks for hanging their wren houses.

Student Supplies & 1) good magnification and lighting, 2) needle nose pliers, 3) small flat (1/4") and round brushes of different sizes (for tiny details), 4) specific paint colors (or chose from the instructor's assortment of paints) 5) shoebox (empty!) All other materials, tools, and detailed instructions will be provided.