Philadelphia Miniaturia : Premier Dollhouse Miniature Show
Philadelphia Miniaturia

Workshop 11

Sock Hop Poodle Skirt ensemble

with Rachelle Spiegel  


Friday November 3rd 8am - 12:30pm

Create the perfect 1950's outfit for a one inch scale teen with poodle skirt, tee, chiffon, neck scarf, chinch belt, and poodle tote. While we will concentrate on these items for display, they are easily adapted to clothe your Bobby Soxer if you bring her along. Using fine gluing, and/or hand sewing techniques you will learn to accurately cut patterns, neatly assemble garments, and create an in scale applique.

Student Supplies & Tools Needed:  Please bring your basic tool kit, including; small, sharp scissors for fabric, scissors for paper, glue syringe or metal top squeeze bottle for glue, and tweezers. In addition, you may bring magnifiers, portable light, and extension cord if you will need them.