Philadelphia Miniaturia : Premier Dollhouse Miniature Show
Philadelphia Miniaturia

Workshop 10

The Metalsmith's Workshop

with Ginger Landon-Siegel



Thursday November 3rd 6pm - 9:30pm

From salvaged watch parts and pieces, students will bring to life the perfect studios setting for a Metalsmith's Workshop. The unique scene fits perfectly within an antique finished pocket watch. Students will be offered a choice of pre-painted men of various ages, all in sitting positions. Watch pieces will be used to create the table, stool, and shelf backing and a wide assortment of pieces will be provided to fill the shelves, shop table, walls, and the area below the floor. The leather apron will be distressed to complete the Metalsmith's look. Each empty watch case will become a unique wearable piece of art and a wonderful conversation starter.

Student Supplies & Tools Needed:  Student Supplies & Tools Needed: Tweezers, tacky glue, scissors, and magnifiers.).).