Philadelphia Miniaturia

Workshop 1


Quarter Scale Gothic display house Christmas version
with Debbie Young


Wednesday November 1st and Thursday November 2nd  9am -  4:30pm

Join Debbie Young as you build this quarter inch Gothic Display House all decorated for Christmas. (Don't worry - if you are not into Christmas - the house can easily be altered with different paint and wallpaper.) Because all the rooms are viewed from the front, the display house combines the best of both worlds, with architectural detail and visible rooms that will highlight furniture.
The house consists of 4 room sized vignettes (the one behind the front porch slides out for easy decorating) and a tiny attic room as well as room on the porch for additional displays. The house is electrified and students will learn to wire using LEDs (the 2 front porch lights are included in the class). The roofs are pre-shingled and cast making assembly quick and easy and the siding is all laser cut making the application of siding a joy. While the assembly has been simplified, students will still walk away amazed at what they have learned putting this house together.

Student Supplies & Tools Needed: The instructor  will provide a cutting board, all paints and stains, Tacky glue, Yes glue, Krazy Glue, all sand papers and emery boards, waxed paper, paper towels, etc.  Students will only need a very basic tool kit to include:  an X-acto knife and extra blades, cork back ruler, an assortment of paint brushes for painting, Yes glue and detail work, scissors, a pencil, a gluing jig and a Chopper. (A tool list will be emailed to students prior to class).