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Information for Prospective Dealers

Thank you for your interest in the Show. To keep the Show fresh and interesting we rotate existing dealers as needed to ensure we have a percentage of new dealers each year. This practice ensures our customer base continues to be delighted with new must have items.

If you are interested in being a dealer for a future Show please email or US Mail the information below. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Prospective Dealer Checklist

1. Pictures of your table display
2. Pictures of your merchandise
3. Descriptions of the merchandise types offered
4. Merchandise price list
5. Let us know if you're interested in teaching Workshops
6. Interest in the Retail Show, Wholesale Show or both

We take a something for everyone approach to dealer selection which provides the broadest customer appeal possible. To accomplish that our dealers range from Artisans creating exquisite one of a kind works of art to inexpensive manufactured items. What you sell is as important as how it's presented. We aspire to the highest standards for table displays and we're always happy to provide feedback. If you would like input or tips on table setup or merchandise presentation please don't hesitate to ask.